We Are The Living

We are the Living

Kayla’s plans are as finely tuned as her cello, so when Liam joins her friends on their tour of Europe, she resents him. The ex-soldier with a fragile psyche seems like a liability. But when political turmoil in France explodes into a zombie apocalypse, their lives may depend on this warrior’s skills. Their flight takes them to a tiny Italian community where a mysterious priest is curing zombies. There, Kayla and Liam’s shared horror draws them together. But they aren’t the only ones who want the cure.

As the threat of the living eclipses the danger of the undead, they must decide whether to run, or to fight for those they love.

“a riveting narrative of tragedy, regret, loyalty and faith, with a very real look at PTSD and a gentle tinge of romance in the middle of pain”