The Society of Immortals Trilogy

All three books in the series piled

Book 1 – Cursed Seed

Jack doesn’t know how he resurrected after the gruesome construction accident that killed him. But while his loved ones age and pass away, he remains unchanged, indestructible. With his wife of thirty years dying of cancer, Jack is consumed by the desire to end his life. 

A mysterious society of immortals holds the answers, but others would kill for that knowledge. An ancient feud over the power of life and death, an enigmatic murder, a paranoia-stricken history professor. Will these give Jack the keys to following his beloved into the grave? Or will someone else get him first?

Book 2 – Born for Death

Traumatized by the death experiments he survived, Jack joins the Society of Immortals in hopes of getting justice. Instead he’s sent to track down the enigmatic Mr. Ardovinni and his mysterious young companion.
But when the investigation turns up a long-kept secret, Jack realizes the Society is more fragile then he thought. Divided over the right to the powers of life and death, telling the truth threatens to shatter the fragile peace, and devastate his newfound friends. With his tenuous sanity beginning to crack, Jack must grapple with the question: if he could give his loved ones unending life, would he?

Book 3 – The Father’s Sins

The attack on Schwalenburg and Zoran’s escape has shaken the Society of Immortals to its roots. With the lawkeepers in crisis, Jack is deputized into their ranks.

A bloody clue makes Zoran’s plans explicit: exact revenge for every wrong Alexander has committed until the Immortal Lords bend to his will. Jack’s priority becomes protecting Alannah—and Alexei, Alexander’s immortal.

But Alexei has demons of his own, and his secrets threaten to rip the society and Jack’s new-found life apart. Jack finds himself torn between his thirst for justice and finally calling a place home.

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