The characters of Society of Immortals

Jack’s always had to take care of himself. After his dad killed himself, his mom worked two jobs to provide and Jack was on his own. Mary Rose represented a true home, and someone who would always be there for him—until immortality took that way. Now his best friends are the bottle and a bullet in the head. The rush that comes the instant before death is his drug.


Mary Rose and their daughter, Clarissa, are everything to Jack. He’s spent most of Clarissa’s life separated from them. He’s kept up a clandestine relationship with his wife, but his daughter thinks he died in a car accident. Their secret rendezvous are what keep him going, so he fears the moment when Mary Rose passes away and leaves him to live on forever

Jack’s Playlist

This playlist harkens back to Jack’s glory days as a teenager in the 80’s. These songs remind him of driving the backroads with Mary Rose sitting in the middle seat of his beat up pickup truck. 

Find the “Jack” playlist on Spotify by searching Geralyn Wichers. A Spotify membership may be required.

Alannah went to live with the Krueger family before she could find out she was immortal. Her idyllic life in Berlin was cut short by the Second World War. In the rubble of Berlin, the Society of Immortals reclaimed her, and she learned who she was. She’s the illegal daughter of Zoran, a criminal, who soon comes to find her and soon she was drawn into his schemes.

 When Zoran kills one of her friends, Alannah is left traumatized. A hermit, she confines herself to the safety of routines, unwilling to move, unwilling to trust, but she dreams of doing something big and brave.

Alannah’s Playlist

Alannah’s playlist is composed of a selection of chill, romantic oldies from the fifties and sixties, one of the happiest periods in her life when she was beginning her new life as an immortal, and studying in a Berlin university.

black and white photo of handsome young maned

The eldest of the Immortals, Alexander never truly accepted his immortality. He mourns his lost wife and children and buries himself in the life of a theological scholar. When he meets the alluring Cosima, he feels hope for the first time in centuries.

But when the immortals realize their eternal life is spread by bloodline, Alexander decides despite his desperate love for Cosima, they can’t be together. He leaves her and his faith.

Alexander’s Playlist

The true definition of an old soul, Alexander sticks to classical music. This playlist incorporates germanic classics from Schubert, romantic English songs from Dowland, and modern composers Mozetich and Shaw.

The illegitimate son of Alexander and Cosima, his mother hid him as soon as he was born. Alexei has always lived with the knowledge that neither his mother or father wanted him to be born. Though he knows his mom loves him, he’s closest to John Burke, the lover of his mother’s best friend, Giovanni.

After he falls for a man he can’t have, Alexei throws himself into fighting—first as a pilot in Vietnam, and then with Muay Thai and boxing. But after a lifetime of never having a true home, Alexei just wants someone to belong to.

Alexei’s playlist

Generally the first one at the gym, Alexei takes advantage of the solitude to pump up with these high-octane tunes. A mix of hard rock and retro metal with an anti-war streak.

Giovanni was born the son of a wealthy merchant and groomed to inherit the family business. He’s used to hiding, first hiding his relationships with men, and then hiding his immortality. With Cosima as his companion, Giovanni lives happily for many years on the fringe of Immortal society.

When he wins the love of the mortal John Burke, Giovanni’s life becomes richer but infinitely more complicated. But when he becomes involved with an immortal intrigue, Giovanni is torn between his love and his sense of honor and duty.

Giovanni’s playlist

Giovanni’s taste in music is gentle, romantic and has all the feels just like he does. Enjoy soothing indie melodies and acoustic covers of his favourite songs.