“He felt a prick, then a burn in his neck.

“What the—” he tried to twist to look, but her arms restrained him.

“Shhhh,” she breathed in his ear, “it’s going to be okay.” Her voice dragged in his ear, lower and lower like a bad recording.

His eyes focused over her shoulder on an abstract painting, all splashed with blood red. The whole apartment tilted slowly. He fell.”

cover-crop-2Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians!

With the release of Cursed Seed about three weeks out now, here are a couple of important announcements!

First, whatever you may hail from, you can pre-order the Kindle edition of Cursed Seed right now on Amazon, here.

Second, you can preview the second chapter of Cursed Seed right this instant by clicking this link: chapter-2. Enjoy!

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