This year I committed to two massive undertakings: publishing and running a marathon.

Over the last couple years I’d self-published two novels: Sons of Earth and We are the Living. This year I reached out to Synedoche Publishers, and was very pleased to be accepted by them. Together we’ve shaped up Cursed Seed for publication, a lengthly process that started in May. Guess what also was happening in May?

18 and 20 mile runs.

As a first time marathoner, I had no concept of just how long 18 or 20 miles is, and how much it takes out of a body. After my second 18 mile run (I’m slow, so that took my about 3 hours and 20 minutes) I drove an hour to an author fair without first eating and drinking properly. Mind hazy, legs like Jello, I nearly caused a traffic accident and then barely had the wherewithal to stand behind my booth.

Those dead eyes, though.

Just working full time and getting in my training miles was almost doing me in. So just how would I meet editing deadlines and train properly?

Frequent meltdowns. Performing badly at work. Forcing my roomie to eat the same thing day in and out so I wouldn’t have to cook. A couple weeks before the marathon I was basically cracking under the pressure I had myself under. I posted on Facebook that publishing and marathoning mixed were the recipe for a nervous breakdown.

By God’s grace I finished the marathon, and by God’s grace the marathon injured me and forced to to take it easier for the rest of the summer. I’m finally back in half-marathon shape, just as editing is over and the book is about to launch.

You can bet I’m adding ‘Marathoner’ to my author bio whenever I can. I paid a high price for that word.

By the way, you may notice that all three of my novels contain people who run. In We are the Living, ex-soldier Liam runs and bemoans how hard it is to run 10K after being ill for months. The editor was like “how can he say that?” She’s not a runner. 10K is a casual stroll. In Sons of Earth, clone Dominic runs cold and clinical miles on his treadmill. In Cursed Seed, seven-hundred year old Sir Alexander von Katlenburg scoots out for runs every now and again. It’s a quirk of mine. 🙂

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