With shaking knees, and much tripping over words, I performed my first public reading of Sons of Earth.

I was the warm-up act, really. Violet Moore debuted her latest novel, Charlotte’s Nemesis, to her adoring fans. She is an awesome lady. It’s no wonder she draws a crowd. I was just pleased to hang onto her coat tails.

You couldn’t pick two more different novels–the industrial techno-speak of Son’s of Earth‘s Caspian Genetics and the instant angst in the scenes I read, juxtaposed with the bleak but beautiful vignette she read of her protagonist, just born to a teenage mom. We had a wonderfully responsive crowd, and enjoyed a lively Q & A following our readings.

The event was the Steinbach kickoff of National Novel Writing Month. I wrote Sons of Earth during my first National Novel Writing Month in 2013. National Novel Writing month, affectionately known as NaNoWriMo, is a challenge to writers of all stripes to complete a novel in one month. It begins at the stroke of midnight on November 1st, and once again I’ll be racing to craft a story before midnight of November 30th.

Many thanks to the Jake Epp Library. The Library here in Steinbach is a big support to local authors. They host NaNoWriMo events, help authors launch their books, and help us gain much-needed publicity in the community.


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